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Working on a small budget? Can't afford a very expensive website but still need to get your brand online? 52designs can help! We are a small company, located in Chatsworth, GA. looking to earn not only your buiness but your trust. 52designs has helped small businesses get their companies up and running at a fraction of the cost. Whether you are looking for e-commerce or just a simple website, we will work with you till we find a solution that works for you and your budget. 52 Designs is your local website design company of choice for Chatsworth and Dalton, GA! We can also do Website Design for Calhoun, GA; Jasper, GA; Fort Oglethrope, GA; Ringgold, GA and many more locations around the Northwest Georgia area!

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Who is 52 Designs?

So who is 52 Designs anyways? My name is Timothy Hayes. I started 52designs.net after I graduated high school. My first experience building websites actually came redesigning and maintaining the Murray County High School website my senior year. Although the design has changed. I took a break from making websites as I had a hard time getting my name out there and getting business. During that time I was blessed with meeting my now beautiful wife Angie. We have been together for 9 years now, married for 6. We had our daughter in 2011, Brooklyn. Although I was busy being a dad and working two jobs, I would still work on websites here and there. Now in 2016, I'm ready to live that dream of owning my own successful business. I work with Randall Rutledge on all of his projects and that's really why and who has inspired me to try it again. Randall has never given up on his dream of being an actor or a musician in hopes of one day making it big. His persistent attitude is the reason you are reading this post today. He made me realize no matter where you are in life to never give up on your dreams. I hope to one day be a very successful firm, but in the meantime I'll settle for being a husband, father, and a good friend!


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